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Re: Bugzilla dupes attack

On 2/14/06, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> Thats the claim being made when selecting the default. Do you
> believe that searching through bugzilla for all the closed bug report
> makes better sense as the default?

Appropriately organized.... yes. More than lumping all open
rhel+fedora+fedora-legacy into the same single query box. Which is
more relevant to a user of fedora's current release... rhel bugs or
closed fc4 bugs? The single search box for all of the "product"
definitions in bugzilla makes ill-fitting assumptions about relevancy
in an effort to shoehorn all the products in the same single text box.

I think perhaps making it easy to add closed reports for a specific
release into an updated results list without having to go through the
full advanced query interface would make it a smoother process. Make
it easier to refine a query inside the result list page.

Make it clear that the default query box searches all open bugs in all
"product" release  get list A of open tickets for rhel+fedora
Core+fedora legacy+whatever

Then in ui that hangs around list A make it easy to narrow the search
to a specific product "rhel OR fedora OR whatever" and add closed bugs
back in into the result...without invoking the full advanced search

> Then reopen it asking for an update against the current release or file
> another bug report asking for a fix or better yet provide a patch
> depending on the severity of the bug. Some of the fixes would of
> course be only available in the next release.

You misunderstand... how do users reopen a bug they don't know exists
because its not in the default search? Users using the default search
box who are searching for already reported bugs filed against the
release they are using which have been closed rawhide are
unfortunately mislead to believe that the bug has not been reported
yet.. unless they take the extra effort to do the non-default query
and include rawhide resolved bugs.   Nor do they see any subsequent
dupes of that bug which get filed and marked as dupes.  Having
multiple "normal" users refile the same bug again and again to be
marked as a duplicate again again against the rawhide resolved bug
they don't see in the default search ui is just a waste of time.

> I dont see this as improvement
> that affects triaging.

Do you want to limit the duplicate filing of already closed bugs or do
you want to encourage the filing of duplicates to already closed bugs?
I understand the value of duplicate bug reports for open bugs, as tool
to guage the extent of occurance of hard to reproduce or hardware
specific problems. But I am unsure of the value of setting up a
default search bug which delibrately hides rawhide resolved bugs and
encourages people to refile bugs which have already been marked
rawhide resolution.


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