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Re: Bugzilla dupes attack

On 2/14/06, Mike Klinke <lsomike futzin com> wrote:
> Not sure I understand your suggestion.  Are you suggesting that the
> bugzilla search/interface cannot be improved?

No.. of course it can be improved.. I'm suggesting that your example
does nothing but state the obvious fact that google has a better
search algorithm than bugzilla... and the statement of that obvious
fact doesn't help us identify how the bugzilla search can be made
better specifically.

I'm suggesting that there is very little to be learned from the
specific comparison to google.  I'm saying that since we are incapable
of examining the details of how google search works, there is very
little to be gleamed from looking at example output from google at
all. The magic in the google search is the search algorithm which
produces the results. And its exactly that piece of magic which we
don't have access to to examine and reuse.  Are you really suggesting
that we blindly reverse-engineer the google search algorithm and apply
it to bugzilla?

-jef"breaking news! google..which basis its whole business model on
being an search service..has a great proprietary search
algorthim..film at 11"spaleta

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