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Xen network performance problem during kickstart.


So the new hypervisor kernel is working fine which is just dandy. And so now I'm testing the host install process.  I'm doing network installs (http) and the performance is just awful. A build to a non xen-guest takes about 5 minutes, however from within the domain it is taking over four hours for a cut down (couple of gig) install.

If it was doing this on standalone hardware I'd say it looks like a duplex problem killing network performance, however network performance from the main instance (domain-0) is full whack at 10+MB/sec even when doing two xen guest installs at the same time.  I am building from a local mirror of the devel tree and a transfer of a large file from there to domain-0 is happening at 1.46MB/sec.  So the install should not be taking this long I would suggest unless there is a problem.

So, anybody have any tips as to how to diagnose what the problem might be? "xm top" shows network traffic at a very slow rate, ifconfig shows no errors on the vifs.

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