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Grub password by default?

Hello all,

Small question/suggestion:
By default, Anaconda doesn't require a grub password.
A user must manually select "Use a bootloader password" in-order to set
on up.
Is there a specific reason for that? 

Shouldn't Anaconda at-least force the user to acknowledge his selection?
("Are you sure you don't want to setup grub password? Having no password
leaves your machine vulnerable to anyone with physical access to your
Or better yet, why not add an option, within the root password entry
window, to use the same password for his grub installation?


* I know that having a grub password doesn't mean much if someone has
physical access to my machine and a rescue CD. 
Adding a small message in Anaconda about "Please be advised that adding
a BIOS password and preventing CDROM/LAN boot is required to improve the
security of your machine" should clear this hurdle.

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