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[ANN] Fedora Project Wiki Policy Change

The Fedora Foundation has decided that all Fedora documentation, including the 
fedoraproject.org wiki, will be licensed under the terms of the Open 
Publication License 1.0[1] without options.

Unfortunately, the Fedora Project does not have copyright privileges over the 
wiki's existing content.  Since we have allowed anyone to edit the wiki 
without any sort of licensing or copyright assignment, we cannot cover the 
existing content without the agreement of each contributor.  To solve this 
issue, we have come up with a plan[2].  Our plan will require that all 
contributors complete the CLA in the Fedora Account System[3] before joining 
the EditGroup.

In order to facilitate our new changes, the EditGroup will be frozen effective 
immediately and through the weekend.  Those of you who are in the EditGroup 
can continue to make edits during that time, but no new contributors are to 
be added to the EditGroup during the freeze.

Everyone who is in the EditGroup but has not completed the CLA will be removed 
after this weekend.  If you are currently in the EditGroup and have not 
completed the CLA, please take the time to do so now.  This agreement will 
allow us to license your contributions under the OPL.  If you have completed 
the CLA, but are removed after the weekend, contact someone in the revised 
EditGroup to add you again.

All current EditGroup members who are removed will have their name added to a 
tracking page[4].  If your name is moved to that list, you will need to 
complete the CLA and remove yourself from the list to indicate that you agree 
to having your past contributions licensed under the OPL.  DO NOT REMOVE 
OTHERS from this list.  It will be monitored.  After an undetermined waiting 
period, all contributions made by names still on this list will be removed 
from the wiki.

If you would like to learn more about our licensing and other legal terms, 
visit the Legal page[5] on the wiki.


Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com

Have I been helpful?  Rate my assistance!  http://rate.affero.net/nman64/

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