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Re: Bugzilla prioritised improvements list

Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

On Wed, 15 Feb 2006 22:22:53 +0100, Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:

Not sure where put put it, but i find that one of the reasons bz is
hard to find duplicates in, are because the "devel" version under
"fedora core" product, for example, is not about bugs in current
rawhide, as expected, but has bugs that dates back to the "old days"

I'm sorry? I was under the impression that FC->Devel was the category
tracking, well FC devel, which is what rawhide was some years ago.

FC devel is still referred to as rawhide on many occations - but since test X releases are effectively snapshots of rawhide at a somewhat stable point in time, picking the right distribution for querying for already reported bugs becomes just a little less straight forward... All reports filed under FC devel are still there - even bugs reported against Pre FC 1 test releases... Again - recently released test X releases (pre FC5 for example) could just as well have had bugs repported against rawhide, since we're updating from the devel tree anyways, during the testing.

I'm merely suggesting that something could be done to make this a little clearer. I'll probably survive myself, but I have had the doubtful honor of filing a duplicate BZ or two (because i was not able to find the existing BZs, perhaps because of this).


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