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Re: yum upgrade from FC5test3 to FC5?

On 2/17/06, Sam Folk-Williams <sfolkwil redhat com> wrote:
> deps and so forth, but upgrading from test-->final will probably work.

Can you really say probably? I think you are misleading people and
encouraging inflated expectations.  Doesn't anaconda do some specific
actions in ramdisk that can not be done on live systems depending on
specific hardware and system configurations?  If you aren't personally
running one of those situations how can you claim that other users
probably won't be?

I would personally say nothing stronger than "may" work to keep
expectations on success as low as possible to minimize frustration
when it doesn't work. Inappropriate Inflated expectations are the
leading factor in frustrations in my personal experience.

In the future, there may very well be a provided way forward to do yum
based upgrades from a dropin ramdisk image you can add into grub and
then reboot into the upgrade process. But thats not provided yet.. and
I don't think its wise to tell users they "probably" can do a live
upgrade without knowing details about what their system configuration
is and a summary of special ramdisk actions anaconda takes for those


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