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Re: Questioning Pirut

On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 22:30 +0530, Kevin Verma wrote:

> And what are the projections with this tool ahead, I will also like to
> point out that this tool is not working much as good enough on lower
> resolution of 800x600 I have read it somewhere that the developer
> accepting this tool does not look much eye candy yet, but can we
> please have a peer view of the mock they have in mind this tool will
> look like.

Pirut's GUI is just in a poor pre-alpha state, it hardly follows the
Gnome HIG, it can't do full screen, strange large font, the GUI
sometimes locks up when doing "networking" work, and the icons are just
terrible. If it is going to be shipped in FC5 like this it will just be
a plain embarrassment for Fedora. 

Of course that does not mean pirut doesn't have potential and certainly
doesn't mean the pirut developers are doing a poor job, it is simply
means pirut is not ready yet.

> Please respond, flames are welcome but I just wanted to be more clear.
> If some one can also tell me how up2date will be tested with Fedora
> ahead or Red Hat is keeping that out of Fedora and still plan to use
> it ahead for RHN.

I always wondered when happened to red carpet, that was a great RPM
update manager, with a good GUI. Its a shame that isn't part of Fedora
Core (technicalities apart, because it would probably be a bitch to make
it use yum).

- Erwin

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