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Re: yum upgrade from FC5test3 to FC5?

On 2/17/06, Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh fedoraproject org> wrote:
> just a question!
> you know debian does update with apt-get
> the debian guys use this issue to advertise the advantages of their distro
> but how can one defend yum here?

go back and take a look at the complaints from users in the debian
lists when the newest stable release of debian landed and determine
for yourself if the level of advertising the do with regard to live
upgrades is appropriate, or is it overly optimistic expectations?

The reality is... fedora moves fast... it integrates new technologies
at all levels of the software stack..fast. Some of these technology
shifts (especially filesystem level) can not always be handled
adequately from inside the running system where the filesystems are in
use.  While the release team and developers can accurately prepare
migration magic for these situations, some of them will need to be run
from a ramdisk (like anaconda does).  There is nothing stopping
producing a ramdisk image that runs yum in a similar manner with
appropriate defined pre/post upgrade magic.. nothng stopping it except
finite developer resources... and i'm pretty sure things are moving in
a direction where this will be possible to provide. BUT you can not
get around the need for a reboot into a ramdisk based mini-system so
that your actual system is not in use for all situations on in the


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