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Re: OpenLDAP config update from RPM

On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 23:46 +0100, Erwin Rol wrote:
> Hey all,
> I am working on Open Xchange for FC5, and was wondering what the
> "correct" way is to add things to a openldap configuration from "inside"
> an RPM.
> For example Open Xchange has a openxchange.schema file with schemas,
> that i install in /etc/openldap/schema/. Open Xchange also has a file
> describing the access rights and indexing, those have to be added to
> the /etc/openldap/slapd.conf file. The question is is there a way to add
> configuration things to OpenLDAP in the same way as for example with
> apache (the conf.d directory) ? Or is the only thing i can do installing
> a README and have the user add those things manually ?

Being an Open-Xchange user, I would suggest the following:

Install the open-xchange.schema file in /etc/openldap/schemas
Install the access-rights file in /etc/openldap as
open-xchange-rights.conf or something to that effect.  Don't actually
edit the /etc/openldap/slapd.conf file itself, that should be left to
the admin.  The access rights bits can be included by the admin with a
simple "include open-xchange-access.conf" statement.

David Hollis <dhollis davehollis com>

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