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Re: yum upgrade from FC5test3 to FC5?

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
What are we, psychic? There are so many things that could change between
a test release and a final release. *That's* why the upgrade is
unsupported, not because the tool can't cope.

just a question!
you know debian does update with apt-get
the debian guys use this issue to advertise the advantages of their distro
but how can one defend yum here?

apt-get and dselect (i believe) are alright for some purposes. I did have more problems with apt-get pulling a working system by removing critical packages. Yum on the other hand fails with a dependably problem and fails. The compiler language for apt-get seems to be quicker acting than the programming language that yum uses. The logic regarding upgrading is better in my view for the yum approach.


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