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Re: Questioning Pirut

Kevin Verma wrote:
Dear Pirut Developers,

I've been trying to use Pirut over the FC5 rawhide, referring a screen
shot here from the wiki,

I will like to know your point of view why we really needed yet
another package manager, I understand that this one is created more to
adapt to Yum system. I will like to know your view if
system-config-packages could have been adapted to Yum as well ?

And what are the projections with this tool ahead, I will also like to
point out that this tool is not working much as good enough on lower
resolution of 800x600 I have read it somewhere that the developer
accepting this tool does not look much eye candy yet, but can we
please have a peer view of the mock they have in mind this tool will
look like.

Please respond, flames are welcome but I just wanted to be more clear.
If some one can also tell me how up2date will be tested with Fedora
ahead or Red Hat is keeping that out of Fedora and still plan to use
it ahead for RHN.


I have suggested to the developers to join forces and get Yum Extender a.k.a yumex in shape to get into Core. I takes time to make a good package manager gui and there are no need to start from scratch. pup and system-install-packages are in good shape, but pirut need a lot of work. The current development release of yumex 0.99.9, currently in extras-development, is in good shape and works in both
FC4 and rawhide. (and in RHEL 4 (with yum 2.4.x & CentOS 4.2)

Tim Lauridsen
Yumex Developer.

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