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Re: Questioning Pirut


Tim Lauridsen wrote:

I have suggested to the developers to join forces and get Yum Extender a.k.a yumex in shape to get into Core. I takes time to make a good package manager gui and there are no need to start from scratch. pup and system-install-packages are in good shape, but pirut need a lot of work. The current development release of yumex 0.99.9, currently in extras-development, is in good shape and works in both
FC4 and rawhide. (and in RHEL 4 (with yum 2.4.x & CentOS 4.2)

Tim Lauridsen
Yumex Developer.

There is nothing called as "system-install-packages". System-config-packages has been replaced by Pirut. Been talking to the relevant developers over this and the design of Pirut is basically to avoid a laundry list of packages and provide a interface that exposes the groups as the primary interface. This is sufficiently different from Yumex to warrant a separate program. A lot of the underlying layers is already shared and we could look into sharing functionality as appropriate. Those who want Yumex can always get it from Fedora Extras.

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