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Re: Questioning Pirut

On 2/20/06, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> Then you might cleanly exclude me from that "everybody" list. A utility
> that knows and understands software repositories is much better for me
> even with a few IMO minor UI nits. There is no reason for Pirut to
> follow GNOME HIG. It is a set of guidelines for GNOME applications. Not
> a set of black and while rules.

Making some nice icons for it shouldn't be too hard, but there are
some other issues with Pirut that are concerning. One is memory usage;
last time I looked Pirut used well over 100MB of system memory while
doing nothing. I am unable to see if that's improved at the moment
because Pirut now crashes with a backtrace on startup (not straight
away, it chews up 50MB of system memory first).

I strongly agree with Erwin that including this as it is in the final
FC5 release could be damaging to Fedora's image. If all the bugs and
UI "nits" are patched up before the final release, then I'm sure it
will be great. Otherwise, I think we should leave it to FC6 and if
necessary include no graphical package manager.

My two cents,

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