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Re: Questioning Pirut

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

If my remark sounded like a flame, I apologize, cause it wasn't meant
like that, I just wanted to say that everybody clearly could see Pirut
simply isn't ready yet.

- Erwin
Then you might cleanly exclude me from that "everybody" list. A utility that knows and understands software repositories is much better for me even with a few IMO minor UI nits. There is no reason for Pirut to follow GNOME HIG. It is a set of guidelines for GNOME applications. Not a set of black and while rules.

Pirut does look like it is a RHL 7.3 era program by looks. I see nothing wrong with the program appearance on initial usage of the program. I did not even consider anything wrong with the program appearance.

The program has not failed me when I used it and the program had decent features. (The list, programs groups and the like.) I do not feel the inclusion within FC5 is an embarrassment and doubt others would feel the program is insufficient either.

With my past experience with using programs with a lot of eye candy, actual features were overlooked on my part. My concentration was more into the visual appeal of the program. I am sure that I am not the only person distracted from decor vs. functionality.

The program later on could incorporate the eye candy. There might be room for themes and other such add-ons later. It seems there is a desire for the themed approach in some circles.

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