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Re: Questioning Pirut

On 2/19/06, Igor <igorm5 vip hr> wrote:
> But there is a thing I don't like with Pirut. Pirut will always look on
> the internet first, instead of looking into the CD/DVD media.
File it, I'm sure there is room for improvement to to make this tool
more useful for dial-up users. It might be as simple as exposing a
switch in gui preferences to control media search on initialization. 
The fact that it looks at botth cd media and the internet..at all.. is
the big change. Fine tuning how that works so people can use the local
media effectively is certaintly not over.

> That's a
> feature which dial-up users won't like very much. The
> system-config-packages tool worked only with CD/DVD media, which is much
> better approach for dial-up users.

The old approach had very bad limitations... even for dialup
users...once you had any updates installed (which were not available
on the original medium) it was nearly impossible to use the tool again
because of dependancy mismatches.


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