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Re: Questioning Pirut

Jeff Spaleta ka┼że:

> On 2/19/06, Igor <igorm5 vip hr> wrote:
>>But there is a thing I don't like with Pirut. Pirut will always look on
>>the internet first, instead of looking into the CD/DVD media.
> File it, I'm sure there is room for improvement to to make this tool

>From Red Hat's bugzilla:

Invalid Product Name

The product name '' is invalid or does not exist. 	

Please press Back and try again.


Bug Information
Reporter	igorm5 vip hr	
Product	Fedora Core

Is that a bug in bugzilla or "Fedora Core" product name does not exist?

> more useful for dial-up users. It might be as simple as exposing a
> switch in gui preferences to control media search on initialization. 
> The fact that it looks at botth cd media and the internet..at all.. is
> the big change. Fine tuning how that works so people can use the local
> media effectively is certaintly not over.

Yep, You've got the point. That fine tuning would be highly appreciated.

>>That's a
>>feature which dial-up users won't like very much. The
>>system-config-packages tool worked only with CD/DVD media, which is much
>>better approach for dial-up users.
> The old approach had very bad limitations... even for dialup
> users...once you had any updates installed (which were not available
> on the original medium) it was nearly impossible to use the tool again
> because of dependancy mismatches.

Yep, you're right, but I was not saying that system-config-packages was
better than Pirut (It was definitely not), but has that feature itself.
Pirut will be much better with that media switch, or something.


Igor Jagec

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