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Open Xchange for FC5 with GCJ 4.1

Hey all,

I uploaded two SRPM files for FC5 (Fedora Core 5 AKA Rawhide). Before
you even download those files take note of the following;

1) Do _NOT_ bother the Open Xchange developers with bugs/errors/problems
found in those SRPM's, contact me instead.

2) Do _NOT_ file bug reports in OX bugzilla for bugs you find in those
SRPM's, contact me instead.

3) Do _NOT_ use those SRPM's on a production system, they might destroy,
your postgresql, openldap, tomcat and httpd setup.

4) It is highly unlikely that those SRPM's work on anything else but FC5
with GCJ 4.1.

Now to what i have done, first of all I needed a CVS version of gnu
javamail. That version can be found here;
As you can see the name is different from the default name, this is to
make it possible to keep your original javamail jar files, so other
programs do not break.

Build and install this RPM first.

Than you can download the Open Xchange RPM;
Building that RPM should work, but it might be missing a bunch of
Dependencies and so you might run into trouble, if that happens please
report the missing dependencies to me. Before building the SRPM change
the passwords in the spec file.

the files to setup LDAP and Postgres might not work, it would be best to
test it against a known good LDAP and postgres setup, that way you don't
hunt bugs that are just setup errors.

The RPM holds a 500k patch, so you can see it changes a lot, and surely
breaks things too. The way i worked was, simply move from exception to
exception. Play around a bit with it, and than look in the log files for
exceptions, and than fix those. That is a lot of work but it isn't even
that complicated, although the OX source code is not very well
documented and so understanding what it should do is not always easy.

Of course not everything works, but database access seems to work now
with postgresql 8.1 (both server and jdbc). Webmail also seems to be
able to read mail. And I can login, so Ldap also kind of works. I think
ldap addressbook is still a problem, but that is because the ldap part
is a serious hack, the imap stuff also has some hanks.

Since I have a busy week coming up I will continue with the development
next weekend, I hope some ppl could play around with it in the meanwhile
and report all problems to me, so I can fix them next weekend.

- Erwin

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