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The value of native java


I was wondering around the value of embedding java within the operating
system and some of the most important applications, beyond the academic
exercise. I would rather focus on a better architectural design allowing
for a more flexible package inter-dependency.

The point of Java is "platform independency", if this requires more CPU
and memory, that is OK, they come cheaper than the work necessary to
maintain a parallel product line. If it is about license independence from
Sun, Sun have never hinted that they will create any problem in future, it
would all go to their disadvantage. Commercially, I would never recommend
to rely on the native java packages. Just look at Eclipse, the
masterpiece, 3.1.2 is out and FC5 dev is still on 3.1.1. What is FC4 on? I
do not even know, never used, it did not even work with plugins like
MyEclipseIDE. How much work has been spent to build those packages? It
must have been man years. How much more will be needed to maintain them?

I would rather spend my investment in time in re-designing the
architecture of the system to take it to the next level. Please, see also
my post on "The future of linux ..."

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