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Re: The value of native java

man, 20 02 2006 kl. 11:12 +0000, skrev Kaimano:
> All,
> I was wondering around the value of embedding java within the operating
> system and some of the most important applications, beyond the academic
> exercise. I would rather focus on a better architectural design allowing
> for a more flexible package inter-dependency.
> The point of Java is "platform independency", if this requires more CPU
> and memory, that is OK, they come cheaper than the work necessary to
> maintain a parallel product line. If it is about license independence from
> Sun, Sun have never hinted that they will create any problem in future, it
> would all go to their disadvantage. Commercially, I would never recommend
> to rely on the native java packages. Just look at Eclipse, the
> masterpiece, 3.1.2 is out and FC5 dev is still on 3.1.1. What is FC4 on? I
> do not even know, never used, it did not even work with plugins like
> MyEclipseIDE. How much work has been spent to build those packages? It
> must have been man years. How much more will be needed to maintain them?
> I would rather spend my investment in time in re-designing the
> architecture of the system to take it to the next level. Please, see also
> my post on "The future of linux ..."

By the same right I could play devils advocate here and say that Mono
gives you the exact same capabilities.

- David *.NET advocate* Nielsen

Obligatory shameless blog plug - the GNOME commentary located at:

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