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Re: The value of native java

> Hi,
> I won't quote your post because I disagree with pretty much all of it, and
> I don't expect you to understand my answers. You display a deep and basic
> misunderstanding of what Free Software in general and Fedora in particular
> are. Here is some food for thoughts :

I do not consider "Free Software" as free or gratis, but as giving
"freedom and openness". And although I disagree with you, I would not tell
you that you misunderstand what "free software is" because you may be
coming from a different background; nor I will attribute to you opinions
that aren't yours (see 5).

Besides, I accept your concerns on the future of an open java, although I
am at the same time concerned about the multiplied effort in maintaining a
parallel native packaged version of most of the open java libraries, tools
and APIs. Why not just concentrate in delivering an alternative JDK/JRE,
thus achieving real openness and independence from Sun and at the same
time maintaining the separation of concerns?

Mauro Mozzarelli
eMail: mauro ezplanet net

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