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Re: The value of native java

Le Lun 20 février 2006 14:21, Mauro Mozzarelli a écrit :

> Nicolas,
> I do not consider "Free Software" as free or gratis, but as giving
> "freedom and openness". And although I disagree with you, I would not tell
> you that you misunderstand what "free software is" because you may be
> coming from a different background;


I intentionnaly used the term "Free Software" and not "Open Source" or
even "FOSS". The backbone of the Free Software model are the licensing
rules. The GPL - not actual software code - is the single most important
reason for the FSF influence in the Free Software world (feel free to read
the kernel archives to see if core developpers consider their licensing
model incidental).

XFree86 broke up over licensing (and the GPL in particular)
BSD/Linux mostly disagree over licensing (and the GPL in particular)
Mozilla had to relicense a boatload of code to accomodate licensing
problems (and the GPL)
Sun may have to relicence OpenSolaris (to the GPL v3)

If you actually think the Java licensing model can be dismissed by "If it
is about license independence from Sun, Sun have never hinted that they
will create any problem in future, it would all go to their disadvantage",
I'm sorry, but you display a deep and basic misunderstanding of what Free
Software in general and Fedora in particular are.

Fedora has always been about hard FOSS compliance, not "somehow open and
free" software. FOSS does not rely on benevolent vendor dictatorship, but
on actual code and licenses.


Nicolas Mailhot

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