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Re: The value of native java


> The GPL - not actual software code - is the single most important
> reason for the FSF influence in the Free Software world (feel free to read
> the kernel archives to see if core developpers consider their licensing
> model incidental).

Clearly we come from different cultural backgrounds. The licensing rules
are all an american thing that from my point of view can be perceived as
childish arguments. I grew up in a culture where helping your classmates
and colleagues was honorable. On the other side of the ocean instead I
understand that people are more competitive and protective and would cover
their work with their hand to avoid their classmate to copy it. I do not
expect you to understand this. Europeans have invented several things,
americans have invented the patents. Look at the example of the telephone
(invented by A. Meucci, patented by G. Bell several years later).

But I consider myself to be lucky to be living in Europe where software
patents are not allowed because they could undermine real freedom and

The various american versions of licenses do not influence my attitude
towards open source or free software. As long as it is there and it can be
used, I will use it, and if I can make any contribution, I will,

Perhaps this attitude does not make Europeans materially reach, but it
makes me feel "free" and culturally reach anyway.


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