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Re: The future of Linux - architecture and package inter-dependencies

On 2/20/06, Kaimano <haydude ezplanet net> wrote:

If I seriously need eclipse, I will go an get the latest JDK from Sun and
the latest eclipse from eclipse.org and run them as such, they install in
minutes and I can update them whenever available. FC5 has created a
massive and unnecessary overhead of work essential to keep up with the
latest releases.

This is exactly the reason we decided to exclude eclipse from our RHEL 4 WS kickstarts.  Engineering will  want their own specialized version of eclipse anyway...

Although I do like having it avalible as a rpm install for my own personal use.

Assume an hipotetical scenario of an organization that rolled out Linux
desktop to 35000 workstations. The roadmap includes a desktop refresh in
no less than five years due to costs implications.

This is why we went with RHEL instead of Fedora.  I really miss my FC4 desktop from my last job but we're asking our users to work with RHEL so I'm using it as my desktop...

The core e-Mail application is evolution 2.0. A bug is found on evolution
which requires upgrading to the latest 2.4. But ... evolution 2.4 requires
python 2.4, our installed base is on a distribution based on python 2.3
(like FC2) which is...

Yeah, we have to get Red Hat to supply patches for the existing 2.0 branch.  It isn't optimal

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