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Re: Questioning Pirut

On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 22:30 +0530, Kevin Verma wrote:
> I will like to know your point of view why we really needed yet
> another package manager, I understand that this one is created more to
> adapt to Yum system. I will like to know your view if
> system-config-packages could have been adapted to Yum as well ?

pirut basically *is* just system-config-packages adapted to yum.
Unfortunately, that largely required rewriting as all of the backend
code was very specific to the implementation of hdlists, etc.  While in
the process of doing this, I've gone ahead and gotten one of the most
common requests (a "view all" list mode) for s-c-packages implemented in
the new code base.

> And what are the projections with this tool ahead, I will also like to
> point out that this tool is not working much as good enough on lower
> resolution of 800x600 I have read it somewhere that the developer
> accepting this tool does not look much eye candy yet, but can we
> please have a peer view of the mock they have in mind this tool will
> look like.

I'll add making improvements for 800x600 to the list on my whiteboard.
It shouldn't really require much in the way of major changes.  And yeah,
the graphics right now were my quick and dirty attempt at having
something started.  I should be sitting down with Diana at some point
this week to get prettier ones.


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