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Re: Questioning Pirut

On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 18:22 +0100, Erwin Rol wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 22:30 +0530, Kevin Verma wrote:
> > And what are the projections with this tool ahead, I will also like to
> > point out that this tool is not working much as good enough on lower
> > resolution of 800x600 I have read it somewhere that the developer
> > accepting this tool does not look much eye candy yet, but can we
> > please have a peer view of the mock they have in mind this tool will
> > look like.
> Pirut's GUI is just in a poor pre-alpha state, it hardly follows the
> Gnome HIG, it can't do full screen, strange large font, the GUI
> sometimes locks up when doing "networking" work, and the icons are just
> terrible. If it is going to be shipped in FC5 like this it will just be
> a plain embarrassment for Fedora. 
> Of course that does not mean pirut doesn't have potential and certainly
> doesn't mean the pirut developers are doing a poor job, it is simply
> means pirut is not ready yet.

By that logic, system-config-packages wasn't ready either (which pirut
is replacing).  I think that with pirut, we're in better shape

* pirut does a better job of following the HIG than
system-config-packages (please file specific cases where not).  There
are just some things in the HIG which can't make sense, eg,
instant-apply :-)
* The icons are placeholders and will definitely be fixed up before FC5
but rather than harass Diana multiple times, I wanted to get to a point
where things are working pretty well instead of needing artwork multiple
* I've tried to ensure interactivity as much as possible without pulling
in threads.  Unfortunately, some of the libraries being called into
don't give any sort of progress feedback, and thus, long-term will
probably require threading to give good interactivity.  If there are
specific places which are especially bad, please file them and I can see
if there's a callback I'm not taking advantage of.  We're already far
better off here than we were with system-config-packages, though
* pirut will actually be able to continue functioning after you've
installed an update that has other requirements.  For a fun way to break
system-config-packages, install an updated, eg, krb5 package and then
try to install the development group and watch it be unable to cope :-/


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