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Re: Questioning Pirut

On 02/20/2006 05:18:17 PM, Jeremy Katz wrote:

Maybe go read the last paragraph of my mail?  Like I said, something
like this for the pirut case could make a reasonable amount of sense.
Going back to a dialog much like the one from system-config-packages
where you get something like (excuse my bad ascii art)
  | Going to install X packages    |
  | Going to remove Y packages     |
  |   v Details                    |
  |                  [Cancel] [OK] |

isn't at all hard to do.  And thinking about things like group removal,
I can see where it makes sense to bring this sort of thing back.  The
question is mostly around whether there's a better way to present the

Group removal is exactly what I brought up yesterday. I would be satisfied with the above mockup, provided that the screen that comes up with details gives the apportunity to toggle the selection of individual packages in the group - dependencies permitting of course (one option is to gray out with package locked if required by another package; or ripple through to dependants, where if I toggle off a package that others depend on those get deselected too).

Group install should have the similar capability. I may not want the exact set that is defined in comps.

Thanks, Willem Riede.

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