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Re: The future of Linux - architecture and package inter-dependencies

On 2/21/06, Alan Cox <alan redhat com> wrote:
> It is anyway, does anyone use motif ? as far as I can see its a good
> extras candidate

tetex-xdvi  and xpdf

I can not support dropping tetex-xdvi  until the fedora packages of
evince turn on the dvi support, which is still marked as
experiemental.  I don't produce any dvi anymore thanks to pdflatex..
but fedora core still ships a number of dvi files as part of its own
packages and I think fedora needs to continue to ship a application
which can view those files.  Until the fedora maintainers for evince
turns on the dvi support.. tetex-xdvi really needs to stay..which
means unfortunately that openmotif needs to stay.

Feel free to help me convince the evince maintainer to turn on the dvi
support in the Fedora evince package.


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