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Re: The future of Linux - architecture and package inter-dependencies

> > That shouldn't be an issue, if openmotif has a [L]GPL incompatible licence
> > but is shipped as shared libs.
> The GPL doesn't allow this, the LGPL does.

What I did understand is that you can dynamically link a GPL code with
a GPL incompatible code, as long as it is the GPL app which is a derived
work of the library and not the reverse. So, for example, you can link
a GPL app against a proprietary libc. So it should be possible to link
GPL apps (or even libraries) against non GPL libraries.

You can not bundle the GPL app and the proprietary lib together however. I
think that bundling together is a matter of interpretation, but what I 
have understood, for example is that they cannot be in the same tarball
nor in the same srpm, but they can be in different tarballs on a CD.


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