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Re: The future of Linux - architecture and package inter-dependencies

On Tue, 21 Feb 2006 14:59:38 -0000 (GMT)
"Mauro Mozzarelli" <mmkernel ezplanet net> wrote:

> Main goal: to build a portable OS platform that allows for application
> inter-operability and flexibility in the interchange of core indentifiable
> components
> Principles:
> 1) a component can be replaced without impact on other components
> 2) components' interoperability is defined by a contract (API) that
> although can be extended, it cannot change the rules established in
> previous baselines.
> Main tasks:
> 1) to identify the core components
> 2) to identify independently repleceable groups of packages
> 4) to isolate the core components in replaceable units
> 5) to influence the development of critical software libraries and
> components as services with a defined API that supports backwards
> compatibility

Traditionally the way this is done is to extract common elements into
a library and there are already a fair number of such libraries 
provided by Fedora.   I guess you're saying that there should be more.  
Can you give one concrete example of code that should be pulled out 
of some application and put into a library?

Once you've identified the first such oportunity you'll have a better
chance of attracting people who are interested in the specific example
you put forward.


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