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Re: The future of Linux - architecture and package

On 2/21/06, Alan Cox <alan redhat com> wrote:
> Tex belongs in extras, all of it

Please take a look at the other packages in Core which ship dvi files
as part of their documentation. Its not so simple as to say all of
tetex should be in extras. My concern is that other Core packages ship
dvi files and currently the only viewer in Core that I am aware of
with dvi file support is xdvi. I'd like to see that changed, so at
least tetex-xdvi could be dropped and thus one step closer to dropping
openmotif from Core.

I'd actually agree to move tetex to extras with if it were possible..
but I don't think you can move it wholesale out of core because of
buildrequires in other packages unless the selfhosting constraint on
Core is lifted or you are prepared to drop all documentation which is
generated via tetex as part of Core package build process for a number
of packages. Given the current constraints with regard to packaging
building, I very much doubt tetex will be moving to Core and I think
such a discussion is a non-starter. But I would encourage you to take
a look at the spec files in cvs which ask for latex as part of the
build process and assess how difficult it would be to re-engineer Core
packages so tetex could be moved to Core.


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