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Re: Non-free Extras?


> In order to pull in packagers like those maintaining Dries, Dag Weirs,
> freshrpms, and others, and in order to assure Fedora users that their
> packages would work instead of saying, "if you don't use official
> packages, you're on your own," has there been any conversation on
> taking an example from Debian and having a non-free repository?  It
> would also free up the packagers who spend so much time duplicating
> each other's packages in order to ensure compatibility.  I know there
> are issues with their ffmpeg and mp3 codecs, but could these issues be
> solved simply by designating their repositories as non-free?  I think
> it would greatly enhance the Fedora experience, IMHO as a loyal FC
> user since Yarrow.

Personally, I'd love to see everything under one roof or failing that,
have freshrpms and livna have the equivalent of a rawhide build.


(RH user since um, cripes, when was it first released?)
"Träum's nicht, Lebe schon" - Dr. Frankenfurter, Rocky Horror Show

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