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Re: Non-free Extras?

On Tue, 21 Feb 2006 18:27:09 -0500
Eric Mesa <ericsbinaryworld gmail com> wrote:

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> In order to pull in packagers like those maintaining Dries, Dag Weirs,
> freshrpms, and others, and in order to assure Fedora users that their
> packages would work instead of saying, "if you don't use official
> packages, you're on your own," has there been any conversation on
> taking an example from Debian and having a non-free repository?  It
> would also free up the packagers who spend so much time duplicating
> each other's packages in order to ensure compatibility.  I know there
> are issues with their ffmpeg and mp3 codecs, but could these issues be
> solved simply by designating their repositories as non-free?  I think
> it would greatly enhance the Fedora experience, IMHO as a loyal FC
> user since Yarrow.

Not speaking as an authority, but such notions are directly against the 
stated goals of this project.  The fact that there are some people who want
to also use non-free software doesn't (and shouldn't) change the nature or
goals of the project itself.   Those who want to do so should create a 
central repository themselves and provide whatever guarantees they can muster.
It's not likely to ever be able to use Fedora branding though.


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