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Re: Non-free Extras?

On Tue, 21 Feb 2006 18:55:49 -0500
 "Gregory Maxwell" <gmaxwell gmail com> wrote:
> On 2/21/06, Paul F. Johnson <paul all-the-johnsons co uk>
> wrote:
> > Personally, I'd love to see everything under one roof
> or failing that,
> > have freshrpms and livna have the equivalent of a
> rawhide build.
> Most of the external archives are almost completely
> useless to those
> who wish to, or must, keep their system of unfree
> software because
> there is no way to inhibit the random stray dependency
> from sucking in
> a lot of non-free stuff.


Talking about solutions and not problems I propose:
-Fedora Extras (as is)
-Fedora Patent Encumbered (better name) aka
 Debian non-US
-Fedora Non Commercial 
-Fedora Non Free

Livna could very well keep serving as the Patent Encumbured
place, The Fedora Project should not occupy itself with
(too much) discussion about this, since we don't want to be
involved in _any_ way. I'm just mentioning this one for

Non Commercial should hold to much discussed already almost
free software with some kinda not for commercial use
putting this here also makes it easier for CD creators to
not burn themselves. This could be filled for starters with
some programs from Livna which match these criteria, making
Livna a pure patent poluted repo, instead of the mix its
becoming now.

Non Free would be for truly non Free software, so even more
restrictive then no commercial use and even without source
say for example binary gfx card drivers.

We would then also need to add dependency rules, even if
the license is 100 free then if:
All deps in core or extras -> package in extras
it has Non Free deps -> non Free repo
it has Non-commercial deps -> no Commercial use repo



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