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Re: Non-free Extras?

They're giving away their drivers for free anyways.

Only in price, and then you pay a terrible price if you want to debug anything
or your system isn't stable

Right... but since I don't want the debug anything, and my system is stable, I don't pay a terrible price. [if (false) => x] is true. The system could destabilize in the future, at which point I'll re-evaluate my use of Nvidia cards. Speaking of which, the nv driver is rather unstable, and does not work for me at the moment - just filed a bug...

For the moment I haven't heard of an OSS solution with good performance for 3D games.... or wireless drivers for atheros. Since 3D games and wireless drivers are rather important to me, I accept reality and use what's available. Surely my hardware working with proprietary drivers is better than my hardware not working at all.

I see no problem with using the livna repository, so I'm not sure what this thread's all about.
What would be useful is:
- development branch of the livna repository (it's constantly out-of-sync for rawhide testers!) - some sort of ABI, so that modules don't have to be recompiled for each and every kernel (wasn't something like this under development in the 2.6 cycle? arguments against it never made any sense to me)

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