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Re: Multiple concurrent versions of Python

Le Mer 22 février 2006 13:05, Aurelien Bompard a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>> So if any Fedora effort is to be expended making zope/plone
>> work it should be aimed at accelerating the porting not creating yet
>> another reason to stall it
> Agreed, that would be the Right Way. But as a packager, will this happen ?
> Do we have among the Fedora devs someone who will make sure Zope works
> with
> the version of python Fedora ships ?
> Otherwise, Zope will remain unsupported on Fedora, which is a pity.

You won't get multiple python installs without efforts at the Fedora Core
level anyway, so the issue is in Red Hat's hands.

(What makes me mad is the Zope/plone folks "discovering" FC5 python at the
FC5T3 time - it's not as is the Fedora schedule was not public. This is as
bad as what closed software folks do. More coordination with upstream
wouldn't hurt)

Nicolas Mailhot

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