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Re: Results for install and remove tests for FC-Devel

Jose' Matos wrote:
On Wednesday 22 February 2006 14:00, Patrice Dumas wrote:
93 failures because of missing PreReq: coreutils (various commands in
scripts not available during install or erase)
I may be completely wrong, but couldn't it be assumed that
coreutils is always installed? A linux system without rm doesn't
make much sense...

For Extras, at least, coreutils is listed as one of the exceptions to the BuildRequires rule:


Those only speaks about BuildRequires though, and there i completely agree that a certain base set of development packages has to be installed before trying to rebuild anything. What my test covered though is install and remove requirements (resp. PreReqs to be more precise) and without that information rpm can't determine wether it needs to install coreutils before or after some package.

Read ya, Phil

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