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Re: Results for install and remove tests for FC-Devel

Miloslav Trmac wrote:
Patrice Dumas napsal(a):
I may be completely wrong, but couldn't it be assumed that coreutils is always installed? A linux system without rm doesn't
make much sense...
Not during installation :)  anaconda uses package dependencies to order
the package installation correctly.

Yeah, i forgot to mention, this whole test is mainly for completeness. Quite a few packages have coreutils as a requirement in Fedora Core, and for packages that have a real PreReq this actually makes sense and is certainly needed as rpm otherwise could always just put coreutils at some later point in the install order and suddenly tons of pre or post install scripts would break. And thats basically what this test revealed, that there are actually quite a few packages that can break if coreutils isn't installed prior to them, so this is really a missing PreReq dependency.

Read ya, Phil

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