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Re: Multiple concurrent versions of Python

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> (What makes me mad is the Zope/plone folks "discovering" FC5 python at the
> FC5T3 time - it's not as is the Fedora schedule was not public. This is as
> bad as what closed software folks do. More coordination with upstream
> wouldn't hurt)

Actually, they've known of it for quite some time :
""" Using Python 2.4.X is not supported and not recommended at this time.
Python 2.4.X will be supported when a security audit took place. This means
that you are using Python 2.4 + Zope 2.8 at your own risk. This warning
also applies to binary packages that install Zope packages together with a
system wide Python 2.4 installation (e.g. Fedora, SuSE...). Such
installations are in general not supported. In addition there some
third-party products and Python packages that don't work with Python 2.4
and can cause trouble when using Python 2.4. """

They just ask people to build their own python 2.3.5 in /usr/local, and then
install Zope with it.

See also this bug report from Zope's release manager :

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