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Re: Proposing a switch to Tango

ons, 22 02 2006 kl. 12:21 -0500, skrev Ray Strode:
> Hi,
> > I would like to propose replacing the bluecurve icon theme with
> > tango[1]. 
> So it's definitely too late for FC5, given that test3 is already out.
> My thoughts are we should wait until GNOME adopts it.  If upstream GNOME
> adopts it, it would be a lot easier choice to make.
> Just my thoughts, though...

I specifically suggested this be done for the FC6 cycle.

Upstream is not looking to adopt Tango out of the fear that without
vendor support, it will look like a GNOME only project and thus scare
off the KDE crowd. Or so it seems. Thus vendor buy in is very important,
I for one, would love to welcome my new Tango overlords to Fedora since
I find their style very pleasing and I agree with the aims out getting a
unified icon standard.

It sounds like The tango developers and artists are very keen on
cooperating with us to make this happen.

- David
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