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Re: Hotplug: no more fstab entries

On 2/22/06, John DeDourek <dedourek unb ca> wrote:
> Which some of us do quite a bit of for specialized work.  I can't use
> a Linux distro that doesn't have reasonable functionality when worked
> from the command line, e.g. from a terminal window, from a console,
> or via an ssh connection.

Writing your own mount commands from a terminal or from the text
console is unreasonable in your estimation?  Using the new gnome-mount
command on the cmdline in these situations to mimic what the gnome
desktop's automounter does is unreasonable?

gnome-mount --help

the associated gnome-mount tools are still maturing. I'm quite sure
there is still room for feedback to make their operation more
palatable. But I find it hard to call there existance and their
current level of functionality unreasonable replacements for what we
had before.  If anything gnome-mount-* is a way forward compared to
directly editting the hal policy files.. especially if
gnome-mount-properties shapes up nicely to provide but a gui and
cmdline way of creating per-user and per-device mount policy.


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