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Re: Non-free Extras?

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Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:

>>> They're giving away their drivers for free anyways.
>> Only in price, and then you pay a terrible price if you want to
>> debug anything or your system isn't stable
> Right... but since I don't want the debug anything, and my system
> is stable, I don't pay a terrible price. [if (false) => x] is true.
> The system could destabilize in the future, at which point I'll
> re-evaluate my use of Nvidia cards. Speaking of which, the nv
> driver is rather unstable, and does not work for me at the moment -
> just filed a bug...
> For the moment I haven't heard of an OSS solution with good
> performance for 3D games.... or wireless drivers for atheros. Since
> 3D games and wireless drivers are rather important to me, I accept
> reality and use what's available. Surely my hardware working with
> proprietary drivers is better than my hardware not working at all.
> I see no problem with using the livna repository, so I'm not sure
> what this thread's all about. What would be useful is: -
> development branch of the livna repository (it's constantly
> out-of-sync for rawhide testers!) - some sort of ABI, so that
> modules don't have to be recompiled for each and every kernel
> (wasn't something like this under development in the 2.6 cycle?
> arguments against it never made any sense to me)
The reason for my starting the thread was the fact that there are a
myriad of repos out there for those of us who need (or "need" -
depending on your point of view) access to non-free software.  They
overlap in a lot of places, but some have one app that others don't.
However, mixing repos who don't work together can have bad results.
So I was hoping we could unite them in, say, the Fedora-non-free and
Fedora-tricky-licensing repos so that they could work together and
maintain package consistency, etc.

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