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Re: Non-free Extras?

On 2/22/06, Eric Mesa <ericsbinaryworld gmail com> wrote:
> The reason for my starting the thread was the fact that there are a
> myriad of repos out there for those of us who need (or "need" -
> depending on your point of view) access to non-free software.  They
> overlap in a lot of places, but some have one app that others don't.
> However, mixing repos who don't work together can have bad results.
> So I was hoping we could unite them in, say, the Fedora-non-free and
> Fedora-tricky-licensing repos so that they could work together and
> maintain package consistency, etc.

Livna has a community based process for package submission and
becoming a package contributor does it not?  What is stopping people
from working inside the Livna community structure to legally provide
the largest possible range of software that you seek which can not be
part of the Fedora project? You can't force people to work together.
Either they are willing to do so or they are not.

I don't see how Fedora as a project can officially bless any single
community effort over another. Even if they could, I don't think its
necessarily appropriate for the project to do so. But each one of us
can use their own personal influence to encourage others to contribute
in a way that we see fit. I personally encourage people to contribute
to livna when they can not contribute the package to Extras. And I
would personally encourage you to do the same, if your goal is to get
as much non-overlapping functionality centralized in as few
repositories as possible...legally.


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