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Re: Unite Non-free repos (Was: Re: Non-free Extras?)

On 2/22/06, David Lutterkort <dlutter redhat com> wrote:
> Does anybody want to add such a page to the Wiki ?

I can think over two very good reasons to not to attempt this.. nor
for the Fedora Project to allow this
1) Contributory infringement
You can not say "go to this url to get the specific crap we can't
provide ourselves" legally.

2) Personal bias which could be misconstrued as project bias
There are a variety of opinions as to which 3rd party repositories
should be used and how they should be used. I think it absolutely
unwise to encode personal bias as to "why you would want to use them"
into the wiki that is meant to describe the Fedora Project.

-jef"you might as well revoke my editting rights in the wiki right
now.. because i will most likely replace any personal opinions
expressed on that wikipage with my own..repeatedly"spaleta

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