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Re: Ralink rt2500, can't load module

Igor Jagec wrote:
Trever L. Adams wrote:

This is a bug in rt2500. I reported it. It has to do with module_param
call not following the new standard. They have not fixed this problem
even though I reported it with a fix. I patched my own but am no longer
using the card (though when master mode works I will switch back due to
my preference for completely open source drivers instead of partially
one way or the other.
I suggest you ask them to fix it up for newer kernels. The problem is in
their MODULE_PARAM calls.


I got some patch (php script) which I don't know how to apply :-/ Or it
does not work for me, I don't know. I hope they will fix that very soon
because FC5 is scheduled for 15th of March, which is very soon. I don't
want to get stuck on FC4 because of this.

I saw your patch and tried to apply it. It was able to build but failed to insert the module. I updated to fresh CVS this afternoon and I had '/var/log/message' complaints on the ifname parameter sections (when modprobe'd) so i just commented out lines 61 and 62 also removed the ifname option line from /etc/modules.conf. Obviously not the preferred solution but i am at least on the internet on this testing machine. -mf

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