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Re: Attention: Proprietary video driver users (ATI, Nvidia, etc.)

Mike A. Harris wrote:

> Both ATI and Nvidia, and perhaps even other 3rd party drivers out there
> come in some form of tarball or equivalent form from the particular
> vendor.  Most users seem to favour the hardware vendor supplied drivers
> directly, rather than using more sanely packaged 3rd party packages that
> contain the same drivers.  This is very unfortunate, because installing
> these 3rd party tarball driver installations is very harmful to your
> clean OS installation.
> Both ATI and Nvidia's proprietary video driver installation utilities
> replace the Red Hat supplied libGL library with their own libGL.
> Nvidia's driver installs a replacement libglx.a X server module,
> removing the Red Hat supplied X.Org module in the process.  ATI's
> driver may or may not replace libglx.a with it's own, I haven't checked
> (but if someone could confirm that, I'd appreciate knowing for certain).

What if we uninstall the official nVidia tarball and install Livna
nvidia package, do we back things in order? Or it takes some extra
manual work? Speaking about libglx.a and stuff. I mean, there it would
be insane if we had to reinstall the whole system because of that. Thanks.

Igor Jagec

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