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Re: Attention: Proprietary video driver users (ATI, Nvidia, etc.)

On 2/23/06, Igor Jagec <igorm5 vip hr> wrote:
> What if we uninstall the official nVidia tarball and install Livna
> nvidia package, do we back things in order? Or it takes some extra
> manual work? Speaking about libglx.a and stuff. I mean, there it would
> be insane if we had to reinstall the whole system because of that. Thanks.

Like Mike Harris said,

> For those who encounter a bug of any kind whatsoever while using
> 3rd party video drivers, completely remove the 3rd party drivers
> from your system, and then perform a full "yum update" to ensure
> you have the latest Fedora Core supplied X packages installed.  After
> doing this, do an "rpm -Va" of your whole system, in particular the
> xorg-x11-*, mesa-* and lib* packages.  If there are any discrepancies
> found in any of the Fedora supplied packages, in particular in libGL,
> or the X server packages, remove them and reinstall them and reverify
> that the files installed on your system are the ones shipped by
> Fedora.

Essentially, after installing livna's packages instead, you would need
to do an rpm -Va on various packages to ensure that the files hadn't
been replaced (If they have, reinstall those packages).


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