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GNOME desktop settings not saved


For several package updates now, my GNOME desktop settings aren't saved
when I log out my session, most notably the desktop icon locations.
There used to be a checkbox in the past asking for saving the changes at
log out, but it disappeared in the latest package releases. I've noticed
there's a similar option in the advanced preferences, but it has no
effect on my system. Regarding the desktop icons, I'm always getting in
this order: the Computer icon, an empty space, the Trash icon and the
Home icon. I've seen on screenshots published on the web that there
should be a Network Servers icon, but it's missing. The funny thing is
that, if I completely erase the GNOME-related stuff in my home
directory, the first time I'm logging in, the desktop icons are
correctly organized: first, the Computer icon, then the Home icon and
finally the Trash icon. Still no Network Servers icon however. But if I
log out and log in again, the Home icon has been moved below the Trash
icon, leaving an empty space between the Computer and Trash icons as
described previously.

Is there anybody out there experiencing the same annoyance? If needed,
this is on an Itanium workstation with up-to-date Rawhide.

I don't know if this is related, but when I log out my session, the
countdown in the dialog box saying that my session will be automatically
closed in 60 seconds isn't working (still displaying 60 seconds).



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