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Re: Results for install and remove tests for FC-Devel

Patrice Dumas wrote:
Yeah, i forgot to mention, this whole test is mainly for completeness. Quite a few packages have coreutils as a requirement in Fedora Core, and for packages that have a real PreReq this actually makes sense and is certainly needed as rpm otherwise could always just put coreutils at some later point in the install order and suddenly tons of pre or post install scripts would break. And thats basically what this test revealed, that there are actually quite a few packages that can break if coreutils isn't installed prior to them, so this is really a missing PreReq dependency.

Thanks for the explanation... Indeed it isn't a live system but a filesystem being populated at the same time scripts are run, so having coreutils required is indeed important. Maybe, when the filesystem is depopulated coreutils cannot be removed anyway but who knows, it is indeed
still a good thing to have everything right.

I don't know if it is easy/possible/interesting, but if it is, could it be possible to do similar things for extras without too much work? Or maybe it is too early as extras are not handled by anaconda anyway?

Yes, of course, the test can be run on FC-Extras as well without much work as everything except the reporting is automated. I wanted to rerun the test anyway sometime soon on a different (and much faster) machine.

The test just takes very long to run. The one i did now took about 70 hours altogether on a "standard" desktop machine. But if you think about it, this was for over 2200 packages. This test therefore basically did 2200 complete installs and remvoals which boils down to about 2 minutes per package for the whole install/remove operation, and that's really fast.

Read ya, Phil

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