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Re: preview native x86_64 openoffice.org rpms


> > Other than it trashing oowriter etc in /usr/bin and installing in /opt,
> > it looks okay so far. If it fails, do you want it filing under x86_64
> > OOo?
> No, I'm not interested in packaging bugs, these are rpms from the OOo
> build process, not "proper" distro rpms :-)

So far the only four I've found are minor

1. It gives some strange errors when you first fire it up about
importing previous version information - it's looking in the OOo 1.1.3
directories instead of the 2.0 ones
2. The default font has changed from the one I set up in the "proper"
distro rpms (I have it set on Arial)
3. It has decided to default the dictionary back to the US one rather
than the one I had set (English).
4. As I'm learning German, I had the UI set to German. It's now in
English. This could be down to a langpack problem though.

I doubt any of these warrant a BZ entry.


"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
Dr Who

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